Every Journey starts with a single step

1 Do your homework, research your chosen industry, the market you are entering, your buyers trends, your competitors marketing strategy and their target market area.

2 Register a business trading name, KEEP IT SIMPLE and where possible choose a name that is relevant to what you are doing and rolls of the tongue easily.

It’s a simple step by step process to register a trading name visit https://www.cro.ie/Registration/Business-Name
Even if you are not ready to commence trading, registering your name is advisable to secure the use of the name as yours.

Be sure to thoroughly check that the name you have chosen to trade as is not already being used by another business.

3 Register a website domain name a (.ie domain name) needs to be accompanied by a CRO registration number and reason as to why you wish to register an Irish .ie domain name submitted on headed company paper.

Normally explaining that you are an Irish resident that wishes to trade in Ireland is sufficient.

Domain registration fees vary they are payable for a minimum of 1 year and can be secured for up to 10 years on average.
Here at Max Marketing we would recommend Black Knight https://www.blacknight.com/ their annual rates start from as little as €2.99 depending on which domain you register.

The less popular domains would be cheaper per annum, again even if you do not intend on trading immediately or creating a website, it is advisable to secure your chosen website domain name before someone else does!

4 Seek advice from a trusted accountant and solicitor. Having accurate legal and accountancy advice from the start can save you allot of money and potential pitfalls.

Shop around and ask for recommendations at Max Marketing we would recommend Karl Sherlock https://www.facebook.com/karlsherlocksolicitors

5 Set yourself a goal and a realistic plan for a three month period at a time, with an overall vision of a year one to three plan.

Be focused and prepared to commit to achieving your long term goal in simple achievable short term plans.