We all ask ourselves, how will I get more customers? How will I generate new sales or keep my existing clients loyal to me and stop them shopping with another company for a better deal or service ?

The truth is you can advertise to the moon and back! However the best form of advertising is through recommendations from existing clients or customers.

One of the top most common mistakes business people make is not maximise the sales potential with each of their customers.

Here are some of our top tips at Max Marketing to maximising your business potential with each customer or area that you are working in

1 For tradespeople or service providers working in a residential area ALWAYS arrive half hour early to the job on the first day and drop your business card and flyer into the letterbox of the neighbouring houses, we would advise doing this again 7-14 days later to refresh people’s memory

2 Get your business name and contact details on your company vehicle it is mobile advertising and a perfect way for the neighbours to contact you after they have heard all about the great job you did next door!

3 Create a database of your clients and keep in touch with them after you have complete the job

4 Ask For REFERRALS!! Most of us find it hard to ask for referrals of work but it is important and always ask
” Do you know anyone looking for work to be done” ??

5 Ensure you give several business cards or flyers to each of your clients and customers when you have complete a job for them

6 Ask EVERYONE you work for to please take a moment to go online to your social media outlets such as facebook and leave you a review on the service you provided and if they would recommend you to others.

7 You can only leave a first impression once so always treat each of your customers with respect and professionalism ensuring from start to finish you offer a good service

8 Take photos of work you have complete (Alway ask permission first) having before and after images or samples of projects or cases you have worked with gives potential clients and insight to what you can do.

9 Keep your online presence up to date and relevant to your target market and service you provide

10 Last but by no means least remember “You have two ears and one mouth for a reason! …You should listen twice as much as you talk”… So take the time to listen to your customers, hear what they have to say and what they expect to get from working with you. Ask them if they are happy with your service and are there ways in which you can improve.

When we are asked at www.maxmarketing.ie how do I advertise my business we simply say By DOING A GOOD JOB!
Advertising is only a way of showcasing your work to your target market, giving people a way to contact you and creating brand awareness.
Let us know what works for you ! If you need help or assistance with creating a marketing strategy get in touch with Amy on 0873481262 Email amy@maxmarketing.ie Check out www.toptradersguide.ie where we feature some of the top most recommended businesses and service providers in Ireland.