5 Steps to Starting your own business

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Every Journey starts with a single step 1 Do your homework, research your chosen industry, the market you are entering, your buyers trends, your competitors marketing strategy and their target market area. 2 Register a business trading name, KEEP IT SIMPLE and where possible choose a name that is relevant to what you are doing [...]

How To Start a Business with No Money

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"Owning your own business is a Dream so you have to Believe" For many of us starting your own business involves huge financial risk. Taking that leap of faith to write your own wages when you have the demands of everyday life and bills to pay to support your family takes serious courage that only [...]

Make the Most of your Marketing Budget for 2018

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Have you got your head in a spin with Marketing Jargon that makes no sense and Marketing Companies that have made it all sound complicated? Rest assured at Max Marketing we are different! Amy and the team at Max Marketing work with Businesses & Service Providers from various industries all over Ireland. We understand and [...]

What is the best way to generate business?

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We all ask ourselves, how will I get more customers? How will I generate new sales or keep my existing clients loyal to me and stop them shopping with another company for a better deal or service ? The truth is you can advertise to the moon and back! However the best form of advertising [...]

Marketing Tips for Domestic and Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Companies

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Marketing Tips for Domestic and Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Companies DOMESTIC MARKET Create a data base or review your existing data base of clients. Look at the areas that they’re in and the market that they’re in, Domestic or Commercial. Segment your market and look at where you can generate new business from. For instance [...]

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