Marketing Tips for Domestic and Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Companies


  1. Create a data base or review your existing data base of clients. Look at the areas that they’re in and the market that they’re in, Domestic or Commercial.
  2. Segment your market and look at where you can generate new business from. For instance are the majority of your customers domestic clients? Have you only a small percentage of customers or none at all that are commercial clients?
  3. After segmenting your existing client base, then look at where you can generate new business from or maximise the potential business from your existing customers? For example you are a general domestic cleaner, or you offer , hydro, carpet, upholstery or floor restoration and you have no idea where to start approaching anyone outside the general domestic market… Here are some ways in which Max Marketing can help you can pitch your service or business to the commercial market.
  4. Create a list of HOTELS, SCHOOLS, LETTING AGENTS, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANIES, AUCTIONEERS, RESTAURANTS, BARS & NIGHTCLUBS, GYMS, OFFICE UNITS, DOCTORS & DENTAL SURGERIES.. The list goes on! Then you need to do your homework and get the contact details for the decision makers.

New Clients

There are a few ways in which you can approach potential new commercial clients. A well constructed email with a designed media pack attached (is strongly advised) introducing your company and giving a quick brief on some of the services you provide. You can offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION 15min DEMONSTRATION. The text content of the email should have the following basic structure:

  1. The introduction – Who you are and why you are contacting them ( You are contacting Hotels / Restaurants / Schools/ etc … in the __________area to offer them a FREE NO OBLIGATION 15min DEMONSTRATION on some of the services you offer that you feel may be of interest to them.
  2. DON’T WAFFLE Give a quick brief on some of the services you provide

  3. Finish by letting them know that you will call (quote a day and time) to confirm they have received your email and to discuss the opportunity with them further. Suggested structure of which the email should be sent on a Monday morning, with the first call scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. Avoid leaving a large gap between first point of contact to initial follow up call.
  4. When you do get chatting with the decision maker within the company you have approached keep it simple and explain that you are offering a customised package for businesses in the region with a FREE NO OBLIGATION DEMONSTRATION and you would like to have an opportunity to show them some of the services you offer other businesses in the area that may be of interest to them also.
    Finish the conversation by asking, Is there any particular time on _______ that would suit for me to book you in?

Customised email templates can be created for you at Max Marketing with a digital media pack for you to send to potential clients or existing customers for €100+vat