Sales & Marketing Services

Here at Max Marketing we offer a customised Sales & Marketing Services package to help get your business off to a flying start or back on track and running in the right direction ahead of your competitors.

Budding entrepreneurs and affluent business people come to Max Marketing from every corner of Ireland for our customised Sales & Marketing Service.

Amy and her team at Max Marketing can take each individual business step by step through every aspect of their branding, marketing plan and sales strategy.

So many talented business people have amazing ideas and a bullet proof business module to match, but lack the experience, knowledge and confidence to best sell their product or service effectively to their target market.

Sales are the core most vital element of every business and you and your employees need to know how to effectively sell your product or service.

Max Marketing - Sales & Marketing Services

Why Start Up Companies Come to Max Marketing?

Taking that leap of faith and following your dreams of having your own business is a daunting one with huge risk involved.

Financially, emotionally and physically the first three years in business, is normally the “make or break” for any start up business and can be a very daunting time trying to establish yourself within your market.

At Max Marketing we always say; “You Can Only Make a First Impression Once”

Start up businesses come to Max Marketing because we can make it simple and our clients can trust that we can guide them step by step from the birth of their new idea right through every element of their MarketingPlan.

We don’t use complicated marketing language that leaves your head in a spin!

We make it simple, affordable and convenient offering a One Stop Shop for all aspects of Sales & Marketing Advice and Quality Marketing Material.

Why Established Businesses Come to Max Marketing?

Max Marketing - Sales & Marketing Services Dublin

Every business owner hits humps and bumps on the road to where they want to be!

We have all had times when we sat wondering why the phone wasn’t ringing? Why no bums were on seats? Why the last big sale went down like a led balloon? …Or why loyal customers have moved to the shop down the road?

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes, an honest experienced opinion and a well structured Marketing Plan to get your business back on track. 

Here at Max Marketing we tailor packages to suit each individual’s budget and need.

Some of our Sales & Marketing Services include the following:

Sales Training Packages – Clients nationwide can choose from one of Max Marketing’s customised Sales Training Packages available for groups, or on a one to one basis. Our Sales Training Packages demonstrate all aspects of traditional and modern selling techniques, with a tailored sales strategy for each client created. We design a Marketing Plan to allow us to help you achieve your sales objective to schedule and in a simple and effective way.

Sales Pitch Creation – Regardless of your industry, business or the service you provide, every business needs a “Sales Pitch”. A well constructed straight to the point Sales Pitch can be the deal breaker between securing a new client or another bored prospective client walk out the door or hang up the phone. At Max Marketing we can create a pitch that flows for your business and gets straight to the nuts and bolts of why prospective clients and customers should come to you.

Media Pack Creation – Modern technology allows businesses to target a larger proportion of their market via email, social media and various other channels.

An eye catching well designed and scripted media pack can be the perfect vessel to give potential new clients a professional insight to the services you provide.

Amy’s Sales Tips & Techniques

1. Believe in your product and your service- Your not selling stuff! Your selling the belief you have in your product or the service you provide
2. Do Your Homework! -Know the demands and needs of your target market and follow the trends of your competitors.
3. Listen twice as much as you talk – Selling is 70% listening and 30% talking
4. Be different – Stand out from the crowd , Make people laugh, Be Honest, Never Be Pushy
5. Stay focused on your goals and simplify your process in achieving them
6. Maximise each of your existing clients potential and be loyal to you customers
7. Do not be afraid of rejection – Nobody likes to say No and nobody likes to hear No! But it’s part of the job in selling anything, so don’t take it personal.
8. Track you customers trends and buying patterns
9. Remain Positive and avoid being negative, or surrounding yourself with negative people ( If it was always easy… everyone would be doing it! )
10. When you feel like giving up – Remember Why You Started…