“Owning your own business is a Dream so you have to Believe”

For many of us starting your own business involves huge financial risk.

Taking that leap of faith to write your own wages when you have the demands of everyday life and bills to pay to support your family takes serious courage that only some are capable of turning into a long term success.

Having a healthy bank balance with finances to get your business started can be a huge benefit, however that is not always the case and many budding entrepreneurs find themselves starting at Zero with very limited access to credit.

Today in Ireland we have so many fantastic outlets to assist, educate, support and fund start ups and new businesses.

Here at Max Marketing we work with people right from the start from applying for funding or grants assistance, to helping you with your business plan and market research.

Local Enterprise Office offer an amazing service with 31 Local Enterprise Offices across the Local Authority Network offering up to date accurate information and support to you in starting up or growing your business.

To find your nearest Local Enterprise Office visit https://www.localenterprise.ie/Find-Your-Local-Enterprise-Office/

Micro Finance Ireland are another option for some, they provide small loans through the Government’s Microenterprise Loan Fund.

The purpose of the fund is to help startups get up and running and established businesses expand and develop.

For more information visit http://www.microfinanceireland.ie

Your Attitude will Determine the Success or Failure of any situation

So when all else fails and every door you have knocked for funding has been slammed in your face!…

Here is what you can do..

Surround yourself with likeminded people and AVOID NEGATIVE PEOPLE

Get networking with people in a similar industry, with skills and talents that may complement your business idea.

Talk to other businesses that have been successful in getting funding or investment.

Take on board why you may have not been eligible for funding and look at ways to get your business more investor ready

Collaborate your skills with the knowledge, talents and abilities of others which could then lead to the potential of creating a combined business venture

Start to Build your online profile – Create a website and social media accounts so you can showcase your work, service or portfolio.

GET OUT & ABOUT and TALK TO ANYONE THAT WILL LISTEN To You! Hand out your business cards and flyers